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On Sunday evening, April 2, companions will gather and hear about the exciting things in store for the week. Immediately following is the opening reception.

Monday, April 3: The companions will depart for the Nebraska State Capitol. "The Sower,” a 19-foot-tall bronze statue forms the top of the 400-foot-tall domed tower. The tour will include the rotunda, the ornate walnut ceiling in the Supreme Court chamber, and the observation deck. Close by we will have lunch at the only full-service restaurant in Lincoln operating out of an actual house. The eatery’s namesake is William Jennings Bryan. After lunch we will tour the Museum of American Speed. Over 3 levels of several collections spanning decades of historic automotive artifacts. This is a MUST SEE in Lincoln.

Tuesday, April 4: The group will depart for a full day to Omaha beginning at the Durham Museum. The Museum is in Omaha’s historic 1931 Union Station. It is filled with an excellent array of permanent exhibits including restored train cars. The historic Old Market district of downtown Omaha is where the group will have lunch before departing for the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum. The museum houses an extensive collection of military aircraft such as the B-1 and B-52, missiles, and spacecraft including an Apollo 009 space capsule. The museum also features state-of-the-art, 2-D and 3-D virtual reality 360-degree flight simulators.

Wednesday, April 5: In the morning the group will go to the University of Nebraska State Museum for Natural History located in Morrill Hall. The museum features the first collection of fossil elephants and “Archie”, the life-sized bronze Colombian mammoth that greets visitors. They will then join up with the ACUP attendees for lunch, followed by a tour of the main campus and in-plant printing/mailing operation. Or if they wish they can go to the Husker Headquarters Shop and/or the Haymarket district for the afternoon.


To register for the companion program or for the meals only option, please click here.

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