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Monday, April 15th

Keynote Presentation by Bob Neubauer: The History of ACUP+
From its beginnings in 1964 as an exclusive association, to its current status as a welcoming nonprofit group, the Association of College and University Printers has gone through several transformations. In this session, long-time attendee Bob Neubauer will celebrate ACUP’s 60th anniversary by delving into its highlights and lowlights through the decades, noting the influencers of the past, the most memorable conferences, and the circumstances that reshaped ACUP into the strong association is today.

Canon Presentation: The Smart Print Room
Digital printing and wide format printing solutions have continued to bring new levels of automation, productivity and insight to the in-plant print centers.  In this session we will discuss some of the latest advancements and strategies to help elevate your production capabilities.

Educational Session: Wide Format 101
Join a panel of experts in a discussion on the basics of large format printing as they share how their operations started and grew in this rapidly growing field. They will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the various types of large format printers such as UV, latex, aqueous, etc. They will discuss file setup, basic media and color profiles. 

Educational Session: Building, Workspace, Relocation and Expansion
Representatives from large to small operations will share their experiences of how they have navigated through workplace expansion, relocations and renovations. Join John Yerger, University of Nebraska, Laura Lockett, CSU – Sacramento and Deb Johnson, Hillsdale as they discuss the successes and pitfalls they experienced while trying to keep their operations functioning amid workplace changes.

Educational Session: Sticker Production
Join staff from Oregon State University to learn how to design and produce a variety of stickers on both large format equipment and traditional presses. This session will cover file setup, cut lines, cutter setup including blade depth and pressure on a variety of machines and substrates.

Educational Session: Variable Data
Join Deb Johnson from Hillsdale College as she does a live demo on how to set up, layout and export variable data into a variety of documents. From addressing to photos, Deb will walk you through how to create personalized materials and manage the data required for them.

Educational Session: Garment/Fabric Printing/Heat Transfer/Dye Sublimation
Join us for this double session where fellow in-plant members share how their operations are utilizing different technologies to produce a variety of garments and specialty products. Clifton Gold from San Jose State will discuss the process they use for direct to film and heat press. Dave Weber will share Oregon State’s experiences creating shirts and other products utilizing dye sublimation printing. Mary Ellen Gauntlett from RIT will discuss their successful use of screen printing to produce a high volume of shirts for departments across the institute. These experts will share technical advice on garment and specialty printing. In the second part of this session, participants will get a chance to try different methods and create their own dye sublimation and heat press prints in an interactive and hands on demonstration.

Roundtable Topics: Wide Format, Sticker Production, Variable Data, Building-Workspace-Relocation and Expansion, Inkjet Presses, Difficult Clients and Strategies to Deal With Them, Most Complex Projects. 

Tuesday, April 16th

Keynote Presentation by Bob Neubauer: Advancing Your Higher-Ed In-plant
Bob Neubauer has been covering the in-plant industry for 30 years as the editor of In-plant Impressions. His keynote at ACUP+ 2024 will provide an in-depth look at trends among higher-end in-plants, based on brand new IPI survey data. He will discuss how college and university in-plants generate revenue, where they allocate their budgets, which of the services they provide are growing, and which applications are expanding. He will also cover in-plant best practices along with the greatest challenges today’s managers are facing. This session will give you a better idea of how your in-plant compares with other higher-ed in-plants and offer you some ideas to improve your operation.

Ricoh Presentation: Inspiration Through Innovation and Technology
This session will focus on delivering inspiration and technology leadership within your in-plant.  You will experience three essential components that can ensure your growth, prosperity, and operational excellence in 2024.  1. Today’s leading trends and key applications for signage, wraps, clings, and wide format. 2. The emerging critical role of print in marketing initiatives. 3. The latest print technologies, Software, Services & Solutions for In-Plants in 2024

Educational Session: In-plant Best Practices
A panel of experts with years of running successful in-plants will discuss relevant topics such as pricing, management styles, student labor and more during this session. Feel free to bring questions for this group on ways they have successfully guided their operations.

Educational Session: Wide Format Advanced
Go in depth on building files and profiles to get the best results out of your wide format production. Join fellow members as they walk through how they produce a wide variety of complex large format projects. They will share best practices for maintenance and production, training resources and tips to maximize production. This session is geared towards in-plant with established and growing large format operations.

Educational Session: Wide Format Substrates & Hardware
Explore how fellow in-plant operations choose and utilize a wide variety of large format substrates and hardware pieces. Choosing the appropriate substrate or hardware can ensure a successful project outcome. Learn about lamination, mounting, cutting and routing basics and specialty pieces.

Educational Session: Athletic Department Printing
Printing for college or university athletic departments presents unique challenges. From event signage to recruiting materials, this session will bring together members who have successfully built relationships with their athletics department to create these challenging pieces.

Educational Session: Presort Mailing
Presort mail is becoming an important part of today’s printing operations. This session will discuss how to navigate USPS regulations of presort mail and the importance of integrating this within your print operations.

Roundtable Topics: Wide Format Advanced, Athletic Department Printing, In-plant Best Practices, Marketing Your In-Plant, Pricing and Garment/Fabric Printing. 

Wednesday, April 17th

Konica Minolta Presentation: Creating a Vibrant Future
The world of inplant printing moves quickly, and sometimes you may find yourself running on the proverbial hamster wheel.  Are you doing everything you can to optimize your operations and create a vibrant future for new opportunities and potential?  In this session, we will discuss how processes should evolve and look at new trends to set your inplant on the right course for continued success. 

Hands-on Session: Vehicle Wraps and Large Format Installations
Join us for this hands-on session and learn the processes for installing vehicle wraps, wall graphics and window graphics from expert members. Discuss substrates and installation tools while installing graphics on a vehicle, walls and glass windows.

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