2021 ACUP+ Impression Awards

Congratulations to 2021 ACUP Impression Award Winners! 

We want to thank all the colleges and universities that submitted award entires.  We were impressed by the creative solutions that many of our print shops put in place over the past year!  

If you would like to connect with any of the university print shops that submitted entries to learn more about their project,

please contact Candie Goode at candie.goode@acup-edu.org

Award Category: Green Service

WINNERS: Yale University

Yale Green Service.pdf

UCSF Green Service.pdf

Award Category: Digital Self-Promotion (Social Media)

WINNER: Fayetteville State University’s Bronco Printing Solutions

Fayetteville State University Social Media Digital.pdf

UCSF Social Media Digital.pdf

Award Category: Hall of Fame

Jennifer Bowers, Retired ACUP+ Administrative Director

Award Category: Achiever

Dave Weber, Highline College

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