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Our mission

The mission of ACUP has been the same for more than 50 years: to strengthen educational in-plant and mail operations by promoting and supporting learning opportunities, shared knowledge, and collaboration.

Our objectives
  • Promote and establish opportunities for educational in-plant print and mail operations
  • Foster the development and use of ethical and effective management standards
  • Develop training and educational opportunities
  • Provide a forum in order to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between individuals employed in management at educational institutions
Our History

ACUP began in 1964 when several Atlantic Coast Colleges and Universities from Maine to Virginia agreed that the formation of an Associa­tion dedicated to the special circumstances and needs of collegiate printing facility managers would be highly beneficial. It was established to promote communication, training and educational opportunities within the Higher Education in-plant printing and mailing industry. In 2010 it acquired a non-profit organization status to continue to offer members these same benefits and more.

Chic Moran and his associates in Charlot­tesville hosted the “group’s” first spring conference, held at the University of Virginia in April, 1965. The members in attendance voted during this conference to call the new association “The Association of College and University Printers,” or “ACUP,” and agreed to limit membership to the thirteen northeastern states. Printing managers from states outside of this area would be invited to attend conferen­ces as “guests.”

Only three years later, in 1968, attendance had increased so greatly that this limited membership boundary was expanded to the entire country by popular demand. ACUP became a national organization, serving as a forum for college and university printers from all over the United States to meet and develop fellowships and benevolent acquaintances.

In April of 1970, the first conference outside the Northeast was held at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Since then, numerous schools have voluntarily hosted the annual conferences outside of the original boundaries. The University of Virginia hosted the 25th meeting of the Association in 1988, their third conference.

Since 1964 countless people have contributed to ACUP’s success. The volun­teers who have so graciously agreed to host held delightful conferences each year. In addition, multitudes of members have been speakers, instructors and panelists for conferences. Many volunteers have main­tained mailing lists, conducted surveys, taken notes at meetings and performed other valued services to the Association.

In September of 2010, ACUP officially incorporated as a non-profit organization. The goal, continue to serve the printing, copying, mail and related operations by providing a forum to meet annually and explore subjects and problems common to us all. Additional membership services include discussion groups, workshops and other on-line web services such as white papers, job descriptions and openings, RFP samples, industry surveys, and other tools to assist in-plants in successful operations.

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